What is the Green Boot Challenge?

The Green Boot Challenge is an initiative developed by Surrey County Council to encourage parents to find more sustainable routes to school for their children. Each participating child can monitor their progress by recording their journeys to school via a smartphone app.

Results are then calculated for each child, their class and school.

How do I take part?

The Green Boot Challenge is currently by invitation only. Your child's school will notify you if they are participating. In future years we hope to open the challenge to all schools in the county.

What information is collected?

The app collects journey data only which is then aggregated with your child's class and school. No personal information is collected, so you can rest assured that information such as your child's name and home address is never sent to our servers.

How does the app work?

The app allows you to set up in advance a 'traveller' for each person travelling to school. When you set out on your journey, simply select who is travelling, how they are travelling and hit the 'Go' button.

The app will sample your position every so often as you travel to school. Should you change how you are travelling - for example parking some distance from the school and completing the journey on foot - just let the app know.

The app will automatically end your journey as you approach your school. A summary of your journey is displayed on your phone. As we develop the app this information will become more detailed, including estimates on number of steps taken and reduction of CO2 around the school.

The journey data is then sent to the Green Boot website for aggregation into class and school totals and averages.